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Lean and elegant systems programming language

Topic Description

Go is a cross-platform, general purpose, compiled programming language with a very clear and concise specification. It's strength lie with concurrent programming and networking. Because of it's elegance and tooling, it's quite fun to program with.


basic difficulty

Introductory units about the Go programming language. Elaborate on the structure of a Go application, syntax, basic data types, slices, methods and interfaces.

  • Unit 1 - Hello World!

    getting started..

    Introduces a simple application and explains which parts it consists of and how to build it combined with some Go lore.

  • Unit 2 - Variables


    This unit explains the fundamental data types for numbers, boolean values and strings. It shows how variables are declared, initialized and assigned.

  • Unit 3 - Functions

    compartmentalize program logic..

    Functions are the fundamental structures that bring order into programs by grouping commands belonging to various tasks. They are instrumental for program logic re-useability.