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This website offers software development tutorials. They are organized into topics that contain tutorial units, each of which comes with notes, a video and source code. Enjoy your stay!

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Lean and elegant systems programming language

Topic Description

Go is a cross-platform, general purpose, compiled programming language with a very clear and concise specification. It's strength lie with concurrent programming and networking. Because of it's elegance and tooling, it's quite fun to program with.

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Versatile scripting language

Topic Description

Python is a mature, cross-platform, opens source scripting language with a clean language design and a feature rich standard library.

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GUI application programming with the Qt framework

Topic Description

Qt is a cross-platform application development framework that builds on C++. It is made with application developers in mind and has excellent documentation and a comprehensive library. It's easy and fun to develop with. It supports all major desktop and mobile platforms.